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I grew up in a photography home, my Mom was a photographer and from her I learned the importance on family photography.  She always let us have free run with her equipment and my brother and I would go hog wild creating studios and challenging each other to photo wars. We didn’t know but the whole time Mom was teaching us all that we now know on how to take amazing and true story telling work.

When I was little, I had a big yellow file folder filled with our family photographs that where not put on the wall or in our albums. I would gather them up and put them in my file. As I would sit and look at all the photos of my family; cousins, grandmas, grandpas even great grandparents, I noticed even as a little girl in my single digits, that the photos I had in my room told more of who my family was then the ones that hung on our walls. There is an image that I know and love of my Grandpa holding all us littles on his lap. Grandpa looking so red faced and happy with all his Grand Babies on his lap, and some how they got all of us to hold still for 2 seconds. It truly is a wonderful image to have hanging on your wall or sandwiched in a book with plastic sheets and some kinda striped glue cardstock. Then in my file there is a photo that is one of my favorites, it’s from the day I can home from the hospital, Grandpa laying along my parents bed with a big smile sneaking a peek of his third grandbaby.

When I look in my files and see the laughing faces I can still hear them, some of which have not been heard in many years. I have a vivid memory from my childhood, and I account it to having heaps of photos keeping the memories alive in my head and heart.
I recall one conversation I had with my Dad when I was small…. “Daddy I want to be an artist, when I grow up” my Dad said “Honey you already are” then a few years ago I told my Dad “Daddy I think I want to be a photographer” and he said something really familiar “Honey you already are”. That’s when I knew what my heart wanted to do.

Photos in order from top down: Peaking Grandpa, My Cousin and I (BFF’s from the start, she has been the known to put her foot in her mouth. Still to this day it hold true), Proud Grandpa and Grandma (this is the photo that didn’t make it on the wall. There was 6 more of us littles added after this photo was taken) AND Me playing in the dirt hugging the wrong end of my dog.

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My Heart {Family Photography San Diego Ca}

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I am a photographer that loves to rock the sweet So Cal sunlight, from sunkissed brides to little ones dancing in sunflares. I have a Cali girl style that is a blend of edgy and organic, that can fit into any personal style. Whether you need family portraits, maternity, newborn photos, or if you're planning on proposing, just got engaged or getting ready for your big wedding day, I will work closely with you to find out exactly how you want to be portrayed and produce the best possible results. Plus, you'll have a good time doing it! I keep my prices reasonable, We can also create a custom package to accommodate your budget and needs. Offering service through most of Southern California San Diego-Santa Maria
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  1. Belle N

    This is super neat 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us! I love the one of your grandpa sneaking a peak at you because you can see the joy in his face. Very funny the one with you hollding the wrong end of the dog… jiji