family photographer del mar ca

The Laid Back Cali Girl

When I was 5 I told my Dad “I don’t want to be a famous star when I grow up, I want to be an artist, a photographer or a painter. I want to make pretty things for people.”
At 27 I told my Dad that I wanted to be a Family Photographer, ”Honey you already are and have been for years, you just have to share your talent with other families not just your own.”

I am a 4th generation California girl from the San Fernando Valley, and yes I even rock my flip flops (Crappy Flappies) year round. I am a transplant to San Diego and this is where I started a family with my husband. We have 2 wonderful boys, and 2 lazy dogs. My husband and I share the same love for photography, and together we have documented everything from the third time we met, to the rapid growth of our 2 little men.

I am the 3rd oldest of 15 in my family, counting cousins since I grew up with them like they where my sisters and brothers. I have been around babies and little ones since I can remember. I cant think of a time when there wasn’t a baby to snuggle, a toddler to tease, a kid to play with, or a teenager to just listen to. I knew my life would revolve around kids and creativity.

The Photographer

I come from a family of photographers, and I have been blessed to have free run with a camera from a young age. I have worked with digital photography since the late 1990’s, and that’s when my family started to encourage me to turn my passion into something to share with others.
My love for photography started when I was really young. I would look at old family photographs at my great grandmother’s house and see men staring blankly at the camera, with hair perfectly parted and socks that button up the side, women and children sitting so prim in a row with hands folded quietly in their laps. Even as a small child I knew that the people in the photographs must have had personalities that shot to the moon, that would have laughed over dinners and would have played jokes on each other, just as our family does to this day. I remember looking at the books and piles of photographs for hours with my cousins, hunting for anything that would give us a hint as to who the people were that our family branches have sprouted from.
My love for family and its history has never died. Great Grandma’s house is now my Grandmother’s home, where my little ones go to learn the value of family history and the love of generations passed.
I took on a journalistic style of family photography right away, for I loved the beauty of documenting the story and this is what I reflect in my work to this day. I find so much joy in creating memories for families to share for generations.

The Painter

At 4 years old I painted both sides of our long hallway with “my brand new, extra large poster paints”. When I was asked why I did it I said, “My paper wasn’t big enough.” From that day on our hallway was lined with huge strips of butcher’s paper so I would have enough room to fit my imagination. My parents did everything to nurture my drive for the arts. I was a little girl with a road side art gallery instead of a lemonade stand.
I have painted in every medium I’ve known throughout my life. I stumbled onto ceramic painting in high school, and in 2004 I took a job at a paint your own ceramic shop. I found that I just loved to work with the kids. Over the years I have learned many ways to create keepsakes with clay, ceramics and painting glazes. Custom made memories of how small our little ones were; so when we can’t remember how tiny they use to be.